Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MHMF 2009

MHMF 2009 was the SHIT and a highlight of my life, as far as concerts go.

I'm so doing it again next year!! Here are some highlights that I put in spoilers, simply because it's a lot of pictures:
SPOILERS! (Click to view)

Waiting for Incubus to get on stage.

The crowd.

Waiting for Tool but it just got to be too hectic during the show to try to take pictures. These stupid fucking Widespread fans decided it was an awesome idea to mosh right next to me. Personally, I don't get it but maybe that's just me...

Watching them set up for Devotchka on Sunday.

The photographers.


Checking out the lights for Matisyahu.

Some chick Tweeted that she was freaked out that he was wearing a baseball cap. LoL

If you have never heard him beatbox, you really need to check that shit out.

Matis crowd surfing.

The crowd.

Pepper on my way out. I was too beat to stay for The Fray.

Holy crap it was so much fun!! And SO WORTH the burnt scalp I have.

Stupidly, I thought to bring a hat both days but not to wear it. I was lame, but whatever.

Muchos besos!

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