Saturday, May 29, 2010


My phone wasn't there. After getting over the initial shock and disappointment, it's kind of peaceful not having a phone, but I am going to go ahead and file an insurance claim on it. I miss not being able to take pictures of things that catch my attention... and Tweeting. I'm ridiculously addicted to it. AND, this morning I was on the couch enjoying the house to myself and I needed the library phone number, but I couldn't Google it from my phone. I miss the convenience of it.

I have been thinking, dreaming and scheming of (hopefully) lucrative home-based businesses for myself, including my photography. The idea is so stirring to my blood...

Anywho, time to get ready for my princess shift at work.

Muchos besos!


Friday, May 28, 2010

What a freaking day!

I won't say it sucked, but it wasn't the most pleasant.

Work was actually pretty good, but I started bleeding then I was instantly irritated by customers that breathed. Then I came home and was just exhausted but happy when everyone left the house and I was left home alone. Ran a few errands later that included hitting up the library to print out a few things and my freaking phone gets stolen while I'm looking for change in my purse thing. I came home and immediately dial my phone for 45 minutes straight, but no answer. I eventually ended up reporting it stolen.

Then go to Parker thinking it's tonight I have to babysit and it's not. Which wasn't really all that bad. I needed a drive to clear my head, so on the way back, I grab some dye from Sally's and stop by Savers and Goodwill to so a little thrifting. Not a bad day, but damn it, my phone situation pisses me off. Well, at first, it did, and I cried just a little but I blame that on the hormones... (actually I really have a sick attachment to my phone. Who ever decides to go looking through that sucker is going to get an eye-full, let me tell you...)

But I'm going to go back to the library again tomorrow morning just to see if anyone happened to turn it in. It was jacked right as they were closing. I'm crossing my fingers it's still there, but I praise God that I decided to get insurance on it when I bought it. $125 deductible isn't chump change but it sure as hell does beat a $300+ replacement.

I love thrifting tho. I found a bag of unexposed (and probably expired) 35mm film that I have never even seen before, so I'm going to see what comes out of it. Twas only $2.99 for about 10 rolls.

I also have some sick obsession for looking for and buying Ann Rice hardback books. I definitely have at least 2 copies of about maybe 3 or 4 of her books now. I think I may resell them on Amazon or something and see if I get anything for them. I was considering that maybe that can be a little business for me... buying and selling Ann Rice books. There were at least two (one at each place) that I knew I already had. And they were in amazing condition... I think I might try it. I'll go back tomorrow and see if those copies are still there...

I also bought a little fawn figurine for The Dainty Squid. I don't know why I cared, but I just happened to see it and it made me think of her. I think I'll send that out to her tomorrow...

That's all for now. I'm going to change into night clothes and lay in bed with a book.



A hope for my future...

I came home from work today (Thursday) at around 7 or so and about 7:30, I fell asleep in bed, face down, full clothed and dreamed.

All I kept seeing was a life full of raising animals for the use of food and clothing, such as chickens for eggs, roosters for a natural alarm, goats and cows for milk and cheese, sheep and llamas for wool, and gardens full of tasty fruits and vegetables. I was raising kids on my own homestead, living life peacefully in the country, making my own clothing, blogging, taking pictures and generally living a beautiful life, peacefully and happily.

The inspiration isn't my own, I'll admit that but that type of life is so beautiful to me. The idea of staying home and providing a life in such a different, slow, peaceful and deliberate way.

That is a future I hope I live into and can create with someone.

Now time to go back to sleep. Must work at 6:30 in the AM.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Geez, 10 &1/2 months later...

I need to start using this again. I haven't been using much of any of the other blog lately anyway, nor using my journal at home.

I've been wanting to take more pictures lately. I went on a photo excursion with my friend to take 6-month-old pictures of her baby boy and I have to say, I love his face too much.

I have a friend who is about 4 months pregnant so maybe she'll let me take pictures of her and her baby when he/she graces us with her presence.

I'm applying for a Trade Name this weekend when I get paid. It's only $20 but that's money I don't have right now. I look forward to the day of having a "grown up" job... or at least making "grown up" money. Luckily I have part-time money coming in watching some of the cutest kids ever. So many friends with kids! I love it!

I want to look into taking photos for Baby Bella Photography. I'm coming to the conclusion that the only people I want to take pictures of are of little people (meaning kids and babies). They're just so beautiful and freaking captivating.

That's all for now. I'll find a formula of how I write these so they're actually interesting.