Friday, July 6, 2012

Life/Live Update

I need to get back into blogging again.  I used to be my release and with everything going on in my life (or rather around me), I need some sweet release!!  I'll probably start doing vlogs on Youtube too.  Something!

So, lately, there has been some drama going down in my personal life.  Luckily, it doesn't directly involve me, however, it involves my sister-from-another-mister (whom my biological sister lives with) and my biological sister's best friend, who was also living in the same house temporarily.  The reason this is my personal life is because my sister, who isn't really involved, is heavily involved... and all this drama revolves around huge amounts of shit talking, a drug-dealer boyfriend that no one really knows much about but has been in and out of said household on numerous occasions, supposedly large quantities of cash (supposedly mailed, rumored to be anywhere from $4000 to $12,000) that has gone missing... and is also speculated to not be cash, but in fact product (see drug dealer boyfriend).

What makes this even worse is that a 2 year old lives in this household.

So much sketchy shit and the more I think about it, the more uneasy I get, considering the circumstances.  No one really knows what was in this missing package.  There's a whole bunch of shit talking, cops were even involved last night.  And with this package, if this much money (and/or possible drugs) has actually gone missing, that puts the lives of the people who own this house and live there full-time (my extended family and life-long friends, not to mention my own flesh-and-blood sister) at risk.  Too much speculation and I really do hope it all gets settled.  I really am happy that I am not directly involved with this, but it still makes me want to run away from all of it all together.  Wash my hands clean.

With that being said, a move back to California has struck my brain patterns something throughout the day.  I have this huge itch to change life up.  Mostly the way it looks.  I LOVE Colorado so much.  I've toyed with the idea of moving back to Florida, but even that comes with its own set of dramas.  I just want to start fresh somewhere.  I don't know where yet.  Hell, I don't even know how considering my financial situation not being the most conducive for moving, but I crave it.

I crave change. I crave a change in scenery.  I crave surrounding myself with new people and new experiences.  I miss my family in California, and my niece tells me at any point possible, that she misses me and wants me to come back.

And even California has its own set of dramas lol  I'm willing to bet I'd be able to find a family member to live with.  I would like to reconcile with my older sister out there, but at the same time, I'm totally ok with not. (That's a whole other blog update)

Anyway, that's a pretty good start for now.  I'll be doing this more often.  I used SuicideGirls to blog about my own personal life, but that was getting to  be too much than I wanted.  With it being a pay-site and me not knowing how long I'll be able to ride the whole gifted-membership thing, my time on there is limited.  I'll probably convert my old blogs from there to here, so that I'll always have them...

hm... that's a good idea.  Archival is a good idea!

Anyway, much love!


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