Friday, May 28, 2010

A hope for my future...

I came home from work today (Thursday) at around 7 or so and about 7:30, I fell asleep in bed, face down, full clothed and dreamed.

All I kept seeing was a life full of raising animals for the use of food and clothing, such as chickens for eggs, roosters for a natural alarm, goats and cows for milk and cheese, sheep and llamas for wool, and gardens full of tasty fruits and vegetables. I was raising kids on my own homestead, living life peacefully in the country, making my own clothing, blogging, taking pictures and generally living a beautiful life, peacefully and happily.

The inspiration isn't my own, I'll admit that but that type of life is so beautiful to me. The idea of staying home and providing a life in such a different, slow, peaceful and deliberate way.

That is a future I hope I live into and can create with someone.

Now time to go back to sleep. Must work at 6:30 in the AM.


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