Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just a quick hello

Then off to working-on-a-paper I go!

Sometimes I don't think I have a lot to say but yesterday, I had the urge to blog, mostly about my day.  I have a lot to say about my daily life sometimes, hence why I'm always Tweeting.  It's kind of ridiculous sometimes because I can't think that anyone wants to hear my random thoughts throughout the day.  Just like with this blog, I have a whopping 1 follower.  Ah well.  I don't really do it for anyone other than me.  It gives me an excuse to be online rather than on Facebook playing Farmville.

My cousin's wife (I guess cousin-in-law) accepted me on FB and I got to see recent pictures of my baby cousin.  She's so beautiful!  Because of friends and famiily out there, I want to attempt living in California again.  As much as I miss Florida, (the heat, humidity, family, FOOTBALL, the Springs) I have this intense desire to try out California again, but under different circumstances.  I'm torn as to whether to go there now or wait until I'm finished with school.

And with school, I'm on the fence about whether to stick it out at CCD (I LOVE the campus, where it's located, my Biology teacher and the diversity) but Red Rocks Community College is involved in this program...  Scratch that last thought.  Did some investigation.  Turns out, CCD is a part of the WUE (Western Undergraduate Exchange) where I can go to one of 150 schools in 15 different states and get reduced-rate tuition.  The top of my list: CSU - East Bay, Western Washington University, and University of Hawaii at Manoa.  At least, those would be the ideal locations.  We'll see.  I still have some time to do some investigation.

That's about all that's going on.  I just got off the phone not too long ago with my dad.  He's sending me money to help for school expenses.  This is the most I have ever needed his help and this is the closest I have ever been to what it's like to NOT have to be on my own.  Meaning, I have friends and have heard of other people having their parents literally put them through college.  I have had to do it on my own with a little help here and there from my parents.  The sacrifices my dad is willing and able to make on behalf of his family is huge.  He has, perhaps, saved me (or ruined me, depending on who is looking at it) from being with a man who is less than worthy.  I have my dad to thank for my successes and my own idea of my self-worth.

Who has the greatest positive influence in your life?  No need to answer, just something to think about.


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