Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday. FUNday... to me...

I suppose I should update.

So, deactivated my FB again, after re-activating it and letting people know why I disappeared, and give them the opportunity to take my number if they didn't have it already.

Best thing I've ever done.  Never looking back.  I never thought getting rid of FB would be so liberating.  It's just a stupid social networking site, but it feel better.  I feel like I dropped dead weight.

Anyway, I started a medical assisting program almost 2 weeks ago and I'm loving it!  I'm much more prepared for it than I thought I would be!  I was told by my adviser that I was going to be stressed out and frantic over learning this stuff, but quite the contrary!  The biggest problem, tho, is that I was planning on using this program as a means to turn over bad habits and form better study habits, and I haven't really needed to do much.  I wanted to be prepared for going back to finish my Bachelor's degree and I'm not entirely sure I'll get it.  Who knows, tho.  I lot can happen in the next 6-ish months.

Anyway, not much else going on with me.  Keeping busy with school Monday thru Friday, and working Saturdays and Sundays.  SO far, I really like it!  I didn't think I'd really enjoy taking my ass to work on the weekend but I love it!! It's like an awesome vacation from the "work" week at school.  The girls I'm in class with are pretty cool, but they do a lot of talking/side-conversing while the teacher is leading discussion and I want to bitch slap them.  At least I did Friday.

I couldn't have gotten out of that classroom faster.  5 solid days a week with people can really wear on you, so work came around Saturday and Sunday and it was cake.  It really is nice to have a job that you get along with your co-workers, but you never see them outside of work.  It's like a nice vacation from "real life."

And work?? Don't get me started!! I get more and more grateful every day for my job!  I mean, what job out there pays someone to hang out at a place they already like to hang out with AND I can go smoke weed in my car if I wanted to.

Seriously, fucking cake!

Perks, dude!  All about the perks!  If you don't love what you're doing, than why bother?!


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